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Theme Wedding Consulting  This is for the bride who knows mostly what she wants but doesn't know how to create it in a theme wedding structure! You might have bought a few books or have a few vendors already. You need help putting it all together.

Theme Wedding Planning 101  This is for the bride who needs help with all aspects of the theme wedding. Or for the working bride who doesn't have time to research on her own. 

Minister Only    Rev. Misty Johnson is a non-denominal Minister. She has been officiating at ceremonies for many years.

Wedding Day Director  Fixing all  the little problems BEFORE you see or hear of them so you may enjoy your day stress free!

Amethyst Full Service Package   

Questions?? Please Call Rev. Misty Johnson at

3643  University Ave.

 Riverside, Ca. 92501  

(951) 276-1116

e-mail: Email Rev. Misty Johnson themewedding@aol.com

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Historical & Theme Weddings

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Theme Wedding packages available: 

Online Consulting available- please e-mail for details.

  Theme wedding consulting: $20.00 an hour (usually 2-3 hours )

* Consultation on all aspects of an Historical/Theme Wedding from getting the marriage license to kissing the last guest goodbye. This includes proper etiquette guidance & budgeting, selecting flowers and decorations, cakes and the wedding feast, entertainment, DJ's/live, musicians, carriages/limos, invitations/ sealing wax, photographers/videographer, a beautiful site for the ceremony and reception, unique favors, wedding registry advice plus Much More.

*You will receive a list of pre-screened vendors (florist, caterers, sites, DJ's,etc.) that you may contact on your own. MFM/DragonMarsh does not collect commissions or referral fees from you or these vendors.

* You will receive many checklists and worksheets to make planning easier. Examples are bride's duties, groom's duties, how to write a historical invitation, sample historical invitations, budgeting, "who pays for what?", advice on contacting vendors, and name changes. Plus much more!

* You will have your custom wedding gown and wedding party attire designed by a professional seamstress with over 17 years experience creating Historical costumes. You receive Designs and price quotes but are not required to contract MFM/DragonMarsh to create them.

* Consultation with a Non-denominational Minister. You will receive copies of Historical ceremonies and Vows you may use to make your words say exactly what you feel in your heart.

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Theme wedding Planning 101

You just got engaged! Now what??

This package includes up to 6 hours planning PLUS all items in the consultation package above plus:

* You receive help with planning WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN, and HOW!

* I will Brainstorm, plan and aid you in deciding what kind of theme wedding you want.

* You will receive assistance establishing a workable budget, and realistic timetable.

* Unlimited Phone calls and e-mails with Rev. Misty Johnson.

* Unlimited Access to the wedding library at DragonMarsh (appointments required).

* Research for special vendors or sites (if needed).

* I will review contracts you have made with vendors for any errors, omissions or problems.

This package does not include trips to vendors or wedding day.

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  Minister Only - $250.00 local     $275.00 and up for out of area 

* Samples of Custom written Historical ceremonies and vows or help writing your own.

* I will wear attire keeping with your theme (costume or traditional).

* I will travel to your location to help celebrate your wedding in the style and religion of your choice.

* You will receive a custom certificate suitable for framing.

*You will receive a keepsake copy of your ceremony.

* "Old English" style ceremonies available.

* Fee includes rehearsal direction. Instruct wedding party of duties. Provide staging guide and instruction. Many Ministers do not attend the rehearsal. I feel it is important to meet everyone and practice my part in the ceremony that on the wedding day there are no surprises. Many of my ceremonies have movement of several people- we don't want to knock over a candle or microphone wire.

* Unlimited access to ceremony and vow library at DragonMarsh ( appointments required)

Interfaith, Alternate- Religious, Commitment ceremonies, and Renewal of Vows also available.

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 Wedding Day Director (rehearsal & day only): $350.00 and up  

Includes- Up to 8 hours the day of the wedding and 4 hours for the rehearsal.

Fixing all the little problems BEFORE you see or hear of them so you may enjoy your day stress free!

This package includes:

* Meeting at Store or reception site prior to wedding. Confer on details and answer last minute questions. Misty Johnson recieves copies of all vendor contracts.

* Unlimited phone calls and e-mails with Misty Johnson

* Oversee and Organize rehearsal, Instruct wedding party of duties. Provide staging guide and instuction.

Practice processional and reccessional. Instuct ushers on seating plans. Discuss wedding day plans with bridal party and family members

* Contacting ,Coordinating, Confirming and assisting all vendors (florist, cake, DJ etc.) before wedding, to assure a organized timeline.

* Liason between vendors and wedding Party.

* Verify delivery times and scedule of events.

* Recieve deliveries of special items prior to wedding (such as butterflies)

* Scedule of events and wedding day itinary provided.

* Distribute boquets, Pin corsages and boutonniers on wedding party.

* Liason between Bride and Groom�s rooms before ceremony.

* Attend to Wedding Party and immediate family members.Such as bustling train, fluffing ,lacing dresses, adjusting ties or veil. Making sure rings are ready etc.

* Emergency Kit

* Transport of flowers, candles or decor from ceremony to reception.

* After Ceremony: Direct Photos OR proseed to reception site and manage guests.

* Verify vendor arrivals and setup.

* Distribute final payments to vendors.

* Assisting with set up at sites such as Altar, favors, decorations, seating arrangements, guest book, etc

* Instruct vendors, emcee and guestbook attendant on greeting of guests.

* Assist with recieving line (if needed)

* Line up Wedding Party for grand entrance.

* Cutting cake (if needed)

* Stay to oversee reception until all major events are completed in case a situation needs resolving.

* Assist with gifts and clean up (if needed).

* Keep track of time and ensure the reception runs smoothly.

 Amethyst Full service Package

Rev. Misty Johnson and Assistant: $500-1000.00

Combination of all packages including Minister.

This package also may include:

* Visits to vendors other than your venue.

* Creating and mailing "save the date" cards/letters to out of town guests. (you pay postage)

* Assistance with Bridal registries.

* Arranging lodging for honeymoon or out of town guests

* Free rental of "period music", dance instruction video and broom.

* Stuff and stamp wedding invitations (provided by Bride/Groom).

* Mail invitations (postage provided by Bride/Groom)

* Receive and track responses to wedding guest list (if needed).

* Contact guests who have not RSVP'd

* Measure wedding party for clothing.

* Assist with arranging and preparing seating chart.

* Last minute errands the week of the wedding.

* Coordinate return of rental items

* "Bouncer" (if needed).

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